Reconditionong Services


An efficient performance of a compressor completely depends upon a good condition of its valves.







Our well-equipped workshop and highly trained personnel carry out the overhauling procedures as follows:

1. Dismantle the deteriorated valves for visual inspection for any major damage, valve plate breakage, and excessive wear if any.

2. Punch mark valves individually with Job number and serial number.

3. De-grease all components that will be re-used for the reconditioned valves

4. Sandblast all components with glass-bead media to obtain a clean and rust free surface finish.

5. Check for non-visual cracks in the seats, guards and plates by observation under ultraviolet light.

6. Seats, guards and Centre bolts will be replaced if found cracked, damaged or beyond repair

7. Prepare inspection report and quotation.

8. Machining, grinding and/or lapping the valve seat to obtain its original tolerance and flatness.

9. Flatness check of the valve seat by observation under Optical Flat Monochromatic light.

10. Assemble the valve with new sealing and spring elements as per OEM Drawing and parts list.

11. Pneumatic Pressure Test each valve under simulated operating conditions to check for leakage if any, spring load and valve lift.

12. OPTIONAL: Coat valves with Xylan Coating to prevent clogging of parts and to enhance corrosion protection

13. Pack and deliver the valves to customers, restoring its original designed performance characteristics.